Release Marie-Therese Nlandu

Please below the link of an online petition for the release of Marie-Therese Nlandu, a Human Rights Lawyer detained from November 21, 2006 in the notorious prison of Makala in the Democratic Republic of Congo by the Special Services who are under the direct control of President Kabila. Ask your friends, relatives, colleagues to do so. In advance, thank you for your support in this sad story.

If you would like to find out more, you can visit the campaign website on: or
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No Borders network newsletter no. 4 available for download

Download the latest No Borders network newsletter, no.4 [attachment=14], contents as follows:

* Removal centre detainees fight back at Harmondsworth and Yarl’s Wood – 1 to 5 & 10 April 2008
* Zimbabwe demonstration by asylum seekers in association with No Borders Nottingham – 29th March 2008
* No Borders South Wales picket Border and Immigration Agency again, in Cardiff – 12 April 2008
* Manchester No Borders demo for ‘free spaces’ – 12 April 2008
* Newcastle dawn raid protesters on trial – 27 March 2008
* Angel Group housing provider targeted in Leeds – 11 February 2008
* Leeds demo outside Home Office (Waterside Court) opposing detention & deportations – 27 Match 2008

Thanks to Manchester No Borders for producing the bulletin on behalf of the network!

See also, previous No Borders newsletters, and more, on the No Borders UK website.
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Demonstration in Nottingham against Congo ‘safety’ ruling

Following an earlier protest on March 28th, a midday demonstration took place in Nottingham city centre because of a “directions hearing” for the Country Guidance tribunal on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) taking place today, that could result in denial of asylum cases and deportations of Congolese refugees living locally and across Britain. DR Congo is not safe and the British state must not be allowed to get away with sending people back who have come here to escape persecution.

Around 60 people demonstrated in Nottingham’s market square over the lunchtime period, some singing in protest. 500 information leaflets were handed out and the response from passers-by was positive. The protest then made its way to The Bridewell courts area next to the canal. More details to follow soon, regarding the result of the hearing.

New National Photos

Nottingham – additional report with photographs: DRC Deportations Demo (April 12) & Demonstrations against Congo deportations – a report on both demos on the Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum home page.

Reports from other April 12th demos … Birmingham: Over 250 DR Congolese on Anti-Deportation demo in Birmingham & Solihull Protest Against Deportations to DRC & Police Mar Peaceful Protest Against DRC Deportations in Solihull – includes photos. London: Protest against deportations to DRC – includes video.
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Welcome Hope to Nottingham’s Dafuris!

Further to the great news update below that things are looking better for Dafuris in the UK generally as well those we have been worried about in Nottingham, all three of the Nottingham detainees are back and very grateful for all the support. However, we are hearing alarming stories of mistreatment. Abdul Hadi is diabetic and was not allowed to take his insulin or antibiotics with him when he was cast out of Colnbrook with nothing but an underground ticket to help him get back to Nottingham. If it wasn’t for his friends who have worked so hard to help him he might not have made it back and to the QMC, where he was put on a drip. Others, including from Nottingham, were similarly released from Oakington without travel tickets and stranded destitute in Cambridge. Friends helped over the phone to get them get to a station and talked to the travel clerk to pay for tickets. How many others have been released like this? Complaints should be made and if you have time to help with this we can put you in touch with NNRF people who have been doing such wonderful work on this case. Many thanks to those people and we are really glad to have everyone out and relatively safe.

Harmondsworth/Heathrow detention centre protest suppressed by ‘riot’ cops 5 days after hunger strike started over human rights violations

Saturday April 5th 2008: Around 6.30 this morning ‘riot’ police were at Harmondsworth removal centre close to Heathrow airport, and detainees were taken away from the centre in vans. Around 30 detainees have been taken to unknown destinations, according to the news received by No Borders activists. From previous experience this looks like a typical reply from the authorities to break up protests by moving detainees to other prisons around the country and putting people in isolation.

Many thanks to Indymedia, the only independent media in the UK it seems. The lack of response from the mainstream media around the detainees’ protest has been shameful.

Read the detainees’ petition signed by 116 detainees:

Read also, Press Release by supporting groups:

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8 months in prison just for trying to earn a living

The British state makes criminals out of people demanding the right to work. Baktial Omar from the Meadows has been sent to prison for 8 months because he needed money so much that he was forced to forge his documents so that he could get a job. Read article on Indymedia: and ‘Read more’ for Nottingham Evening Post coverage.
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Harmondsworth food refusal & courtyard occupation – all day April 1st (continues April 4th)

APRIL 4th – HUNGER STRIKE CONTINUES, find out why on Indymedia UK:
… almost the totality of detainees in Harmondsworth, 300 men, are refusing food.

Yesterday morning, April 1st, from 9am, all – or the majority at least- of immigration detainees at Harmondsworth removal centre refused food and were in peaceful occupation of the courtyard.

Detainees said: ‘We are human beings, we want to be treated with dignity we shall stay in the coutyard until our demands are heard.’

Full story:

Later at 11pm, it was added “some detainees, they say about a hundred, are still in the courtyard and refusing to go back in. They intend to spend the night in the courtyard. They are gettig water. Some have duvets and warm clothes. Very few people have eaten, most are still refusing food since 9am.”
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Demo on day of ‘Directions Hearing’ for Country Guidance Tribunal DR Congo 12-Apr-07

On Thursday 12th April 2007, there will be a “directions hearing” for the Country Guidance tribunal on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This will be a meeting between the judge, the barristers bringing the case and the home office to ensure all parties have been served with the information they need. After this the date for the full hearing will be established.
We need to be out in force on 12th April, and on any subsequent tribunal dates, to show our solidarity with Congolese asylum seekers and to protest against further deportations to DRC.
NOTTINGHAM DEMO is at 12.00 noon in The Market Square. All welcome. Read more for contacts and other demos on April 12th…

Also, listen to an Interview regarding Congo Deportations, with Innocent Empi who is the Manchester Representative of the Congo Support Project.
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Stop Deportations of Darfurians! Stop All Deportations – Salford 5-Apr-07

Called by the Darfurian Community in Manchester.
Demonstration: Thursday 5th April at 12:00 noon.

Venue: Dallas Court Enforcement Unit, South Longworthy Road, Salford Quays, Salford M50 2GF [Map]

Congolese, Zimbabwean, Iraqi, Afghan, Somali asylum seekers of other nationalities stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Sudanese, the latest targets of the Home Office’s most shameful, vile attacks.

Source: NCADC. READ MORE on Indymedia:
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