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No Borders and Calais Migrant Solidarity activists gathered in Paris for a day of action for Freedom of Movement around the Gare du Nord (May 2010):

The first ever demonstration against a detention centre in Bulgaria organised by the Bulgarian Anarchist Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria (FAB-IFA). March 20th, 2010 (no sound):

Documentary about Frontex (EU border control operation) in 2009:
Frontex: The Movie (featuring noborder camp in lesvos 2009) :

Shut Down the Camp! Luk Lejren! Activists break the fence at Sandholm immigration prison in Denmark & spark national debate

Shut Down the Camp! Luk Lejren! Activists break the fence at Sandholm immigration prison in Denmark & spark national debateEdited from a report by activists who took part in the Shut Down the Camp! (Luk Lejren!) action on 25th October:

“2-3000 participants went from Allerød train station, 30 km away from Copenhagen, to the biggest refugee camp in Denmark, Sandholm, to cut down the fence around the place. Before the day, local nazis and anti-semitic groups cut one main train-cable to prevent us from arriving in time, the delay just scaled the whole thing up and more people came running! In front of the camp several hundreds of people tried to reach the fence to tear it down, the cops responded with LOTS of tear gas – both against the teams of mobile fencecutters and the standing demo also attended by children and elderly people – but the fence was torn down at several spots, game over.”

Following the action, activists have been busy pushing the agenda in the national media. The action was covered at every level, and has resulted in several different discussions:

1) Some in the parliamentary opposition are suggesting an end to the existing refugee camps and the indefinite detention that asylum seekers are subjected to.

2) The cops have been forced to explain their brutal use of teargas & pepperspray against the demonstration.

3) A central goal of the action was to pull the issue out of the closed system of NGO’s and politicians, to amplify the conflict at every level. Activists debated against politicians in different live-shows, called them racists etc., and exposed the role of the Red Cross that run all the refugee camps in Denmark.

Activists have daily contact with the asylum seekers inside both Sandholm and other Danish camps. Asylum seekers were satisfied with the action, and everyone is planning the next move together, with more people joining in every day.

Introduction to the action in English:
Watch video of demos and direct action on Shut Down the Camp/Luk Lejren Danish website:
Hour by hour acccunt of the action and link to pictures:
Find some more pictures here on Belgian website:
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No Borders Camps taking place in Germany, Greece & Turkey.

The human cost of migration control and detention camps on Europe’s borders (and inside or outside of EU) has never been clearer. This summer a number of gatherings and direct action events will be talking place in Germany (17th-24th August), Greece (29th-31st August), & Turkey (3rd-7th September). Participants are invited to all of these, details as follows:

Antira Summer Camp, Hamburg, Germany:
No Border – Patras 2008, Greece:
Dikili No-Border Camp 2008, Turkey:

These transnational connections are vital for No Borders activists who are not prepared to live in a world of arbitrary borders that were created not by ordinary people, but by ruling elites.

See also:…der-camps-2008/
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