No Borders network newsletter no.5 – January 2009

The latest issue of the No Borders Newsletter is out now, covering news and events from across the UK wide network and beyond. This issue, no. 5, [attachment=21] is packed with articles including;

* a report from the Newcastle gathering of No Borders groups in Nov 2008 (next one is 21-22 Feb 2009)
* actions against ID cards after their introduction for some ‘foreigners’.
* ?Conserving what for whom?? leaflet distributed at the climate march.
* actions against AMEY cleaning contractor which has sacked Columbian workers.
* the ?full circle? anti-arms trade protests in Nottingham, linking small arms to wars to refugees.
* Forthcoming and continued action against detention centres and airlines who carry out deportations.
* a round up of cross border news from Europe

Back issues 1-4 can be found through the No Borders (UK) network site:
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Countrywide protests in opposition to ID cards – By resisting the repression of migrants, we defend the freedom of everyone!

Countrywide protests in opposition to ID cards - By resisting the repression of migrants, we defend the freedom of everyone!Tuesday November 25th was marked by countrywide action against the introduction of identity cards for some UK residents, namely people from outside Europe who are applying for or renewing visas for study or marriage. So-called ?ID cards for foreigners? are the first step in the Government?s plan to get everyone living in the UK fingerprinted and photographed, registered on a national database and tracked wherever we go. Protests were called by No Borders, Defy-ID and NO2ID. These protests, which are due to continue, highlight the connection between the ID Cards Act of 2006 and the UK Borders Act of 2007, the twin legislation that is putting the scheme in place. Note that Asylum seekers have already had biometric ID for several years, through the ARC card which began to be issued in 2002. Click Read more for full story. More links to local reports, pictures and videos.

Update: Monday 1st December: Yorkshire Activists blockade Sheffield Border Agency Centre (Bradford & Sheffield activists). Next, No Borders South Wales will be protesting outside the Border Agency again on Wednesday 10th December when the Cardiff office will start to register people for ID cards.
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Compulsory ID cards for some non-EU residents – opposition planned to begin 25th Nov

From 25 November 2008, the government will start issuing compulsory identity cards to non-EU foreign nationals who apply for an extension of their stay in the United Kingdom as students or as the husbands, wives or partners of permanent residents. Six UK Border Agency centres have been setup to take fingerprints and photographs (Croydon, Sheffield, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff, and Glasgow).

Many local No Borders groups are planning to oppose the beginning of ‘ID cards for foreigners’ noting that not all centres will be up and running immediately due to delays (as a result of which affected students are already being advised not to plan travels abroad!). It is clear that border control and identity cards are fully intertwined and must be opposed as one thing.

Update: a report on anti-ID actions that took place can now be found here.
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