Manchester demo “Abolish Immigration Prisons” Sat 21st March

Thousands of asylum-seekers are currently being kept in prisons throughout the UK. They haven’t committed a crime, but they can be imprisoned indefinitely. On Saturday 21st March, Manchester No Borders are calling for a demonstration of all those who want to see an end to all immigration detention.

12 noon rally in Albert Square outside Manchester Town Hall. Followed by Mass Bike Ride from Albert Square to Manchester Airport. Then 2pm rally outside Pennine House Detention Centre – Meet outside Terminal 2.
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Manchester No Borders ‘pie’ Phil Woolas after population control remarks

Manchester No Borders 'pie' Phil Woolas after population control remarksCustard pie in the face for Phil Woolas in Manchester… Immigration minister Phil Woolas was pied during a debate at the University of Manchester on 24th October following his remarks in the national press for more stringent population controls. The immigration minister Phil Woolas was first asked for his passport, then given an ‘eco-nationalist award’ and finally had a pie thrown in his face by a group from Manchester No Borders.
Manchester NB also denounced his attempts to scapegoat immigrants for the ongoing economic and ecological crises. Read the full report and see a video on the Manchester No Borders website:
When it’s clearer than ever that the rich and powerful are responsible, by their greed, for economic and environmental woes, blame must be put where it’s due. The ruling class has always used divide and rule to protect its position in society and all attempts to shift the blame must be exposed and opposed. Historically, both capitalism and the nation state have their origins in power and money grabbing ventures by a small minority (who ironically may also have immigrant origins like William the Conqueror and the Royal Family) who just love it when ordinary people turn on ourselves instead of recognising them as the true causes of poverty.
Read more for a leaflet from Manchester No Borders. Follow this link for an analysis of the bogus ‘overpopulation’ argument.
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Manchester Roma Solidarity demo on 19th Sept 2008 well attended

Manchester Roma Solidarity demo on 19th Sept 2008 well attendedBetween 50 and 60 protesters. including Nottingham anarchists, picketed the Italian consulate in Manchester on Friday 19th Sept from 11.30am until 1.30pm, in a demonstration against the worst persecution of Roma people in Italy since the fascist era. The protest, called by the Anarchist Federation and No Borders, saw both sides of the Ducie Street entrance to the consulate at 111 Picadilly picketed, with the picket extending down the street and onto Picadilly, where both sides of the pavement were lined with demonstrators. 1000 leaflets detailing the persecution were distributed to interested passersby. The side street to the consulate was temporarily renamed Il Duce Street after the nickname of Italian fascist leader, Benito Mussolini. Consulate staff came down to investigate. More photos: Manchester Indymedia
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200 strong ‘Freedom of movement’ block on Stop the War march in Manchester, 20th September 2008

200 strong 'Freedom of movement' block on Stop the War march in Manchester, 20th September 2008No Borders activists and anarchists marched together as part of a ‘Freedom of movement’ block on the Stop the War Coalition march in Manchester on 20th September 2008. Police surveillance and harassment was considerable, as reported on Indymedia UK. Around 200, some from No Borders Nottingham, supported the block.
200 strong 'Freedom of movement' block on Stop the War march in Manchester, 20th September 2008
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‘Freedom of Movement’ bloc on Stop the War march – Manchester, Sept 20th

Across the world we see an unprecedented increase in border management and social control. The UK government are at the forefront of this and they are holding their annual party conference in Manchester, from 20th to 25th September 2008. The Stop the War Coalition have called for a march through Manchester on Saturday 20th September. Manchester No Borders and the Anarchist Federation (Manchester group) invite “all anti-authoritarians, anarchists and all those against states, nations and borders to join the ‘freedom of movement’ bloc, and to play a trick or two on those clowns in the Labour Party circus. Let’s collectively imagine a world without borders and wars and fight together to realise this!”
Demo starts 12.30am in All Saints Park, Cavendish Street, Manchester, M15 [Map]. The route will go up Oxford Road left before St. Peter´s Square and on towards Castlefield. To join the bloc, look out for the large ´freedom of movement´ banner.
On day before march, join ‘Roma Solidarity demo’ 11.30am on Friday 19th Sept at the Italian Consulate:
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Manchester No Borders mobilise for ‘Freedom of movement’ demo on April 12th

Manchester No Borders are mobilising for a demonstration in Manchester for Saturday, April 12, for FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT FOR ALL and IN DEFENCE OF AUTONOMOUS SPACES. Check for details. Free spaces are important venues for our activities – a new squatted Social Centre in Hackney, London recently held a No Borders info-night.