Unwanted refugee bumped from pillar to post by nation states

Unwanted refugee bumped from pillar to post by nation statesSince Jane Mary Mutetsi, who was born in Rwanda but had found sanctuary in Britain after growing up in Uganda, was forcibly removed from Nottingham to Uganda by this government on 16th October. Since returning she has not left the house. She has got no money. She has got no work. She is ill. She spent the first two days at one house, the next at another. How can it be different? After a lifetime in Uganda, taken there by her parents with the rest of the family when just a child, all of her own children born in Uganda, Jane Mary must attend an Immigration interview next Tuesday. The Ugandan authorities don’t understand why she has been returned to Uganda and not Rwanda. At the moment they are saying that she should go to Rwanda. If she wants to apply to enter Uganda, she should do so from Rwanda. It isn’t a surprise, it’s just so clear that the Home Office couldn’t care less where people are returned to as long as they bring the numbers down here.
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Jane Mary Mutetsi was removed on Kenya Airways flight to Nairobi, en route to Entebbe, Uganda

Jane Mary Mutetsi was removed on Kenya Airways flight to Nairobi, en route to Entebbe, Uganda

Update: Jane Mary Mutetsi was forcibly removed last night by Kenya Airways to Nairobi en route to Entebbe, Uganda. Immigration ‘escorts’ tried to assure her that the authorities in Uganda will not know that she is a ‘failed asylum seeker’. Jane Mary was concerned that if the authorities know, that she will be immediately arrested. But usually the authorities in the country of origin know even before the person has even boarded the plane here. They also know because the passenger is escorted and ‘handed’ to the authorities. They know because the passenger flies without a passport, but with travel documents issued by the UK Government. She will not be forgotten and friends will try and help her keep safe. The Home Office, their contracted escorts (who midlead people to get them to comply) and the airline, must be held responsible for the consequences.

E-petition launched against Jane Mary Mutetsi’s removal

Jane Mary Mutetsi Detained again / second attempt to remove – tomorrow
Jane Mary Mutetsi, born in Rwanda and lived most of her life in Uganda, was ‘captured’ when reporting Monday morning in Nottingham and is currently detained in Yarl’s Wood IRC, due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Thursday 16th October @ 20.00 hrs on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 from London Heathrow to Nairobi and KQ410 to Entebbe, Uganda. Please help Jane Mary Mutetsi to remain in the UK.
Sign the E-petition http://www.PetitionOnline.com/janemary/petition.html
Read more for addresses to write to (HO and airline). Jane Mary Mutetsi belongs to Nottingham.
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Jane Mary Mutetsi’s incarceration & the meaning of No Borders

Jane Mary Mutetsi's incarceration & the meaning of No BordersAs reported over the last week, Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum volunteer Jane Mary Mutetsi is still detained by the police. We are more than sick of this. All who value freedom must say no to this continuous abuse of asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers. We maintain that no one is illegal. We in No Borders defy the very idea of nation states and national borders that mean nothing to us. The greatest hypocrisy is that capitalist exploitation of labour and the environment is global, and war can be waged across borders by the rulers and armies of nation states against the wishes of most of the world’s population. Yet people are not free to move from one place to another to escape this madness. Little longer than 100 years ago passports did not even exist. Further before that, neither did nation states with border controls. These are human constructs that can and must be challenged and ultimately destroyed.
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NNRF volunteer Jane Mary Mutetsi is detained

NNRF volunteer Jane Mary Mutetsi is detainedOnly days after a new campaign was launched, Nottingham & Notts Refugee Forum volunteer Jane Mary Mutetsi was today detained at the Bridewell police station in Nottingham. We will do everything in our power to prevent yet another attack on a vulnerable asylum seeker in Nottingham. We are thinking of you Jane Mary!

For more details see:


Jane Mary belongs to Nottingham.
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Jane Mary Mutetsi detained but later freed

Report from Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum

The season of peace and goodwill has once again passed by the home office and its immigration myrmidons completely. For them, it’s peace and goodwill to all except asylum seekers. Jane Mary Mutetsi was detained while signing at Loughborough on Thursday 13th Dec 2007 and was then transferred to Yarlswood detention centre with a removal date of Tuesday, 18th December at 21.05 hours. But we are relieved to report that her removal has been stopped following an injunction application to the High Court. The matter will now need to be considered again by the High Court at a permission hearing in respect of the Judicial Review application. Anyway, Jane Mary was returned to Yarlswood on Wednesday morning, then released and came back to Nottingham by train. More Details about Jane Mary Mutetsi’s detention.

Note: NNRF has an annual christmas appeal for cash to support destitute asylum seekers – go to their website for details.
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Stop deportation of Ugandan Jane Mary Mutetsi from Heathrow on Monday

While reporting at Loughborough Reporting Centre on 8 August 2007 Jane Mary Mutetsi, asylum seeker from Uganda, was detained. She was moved to Manchester Airport holding centre since there were ‘no beds elsewhere’. She is due to be deported on Monday 13 August 2007, from Heathrow Airport London. It looks like the flight will be Kenya Airways flight KQ101 which leaves Heathrow Terminal 4 at 8pm on Monday.

Jane Mary is a Volunteer and a member of the Women’s Group at the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum (NNRF). To object to the deportation contact the Manchester Airport IRC (Immigration removal centre), Manchester Airport, M90 4HH Tel: 0161 489 5702, Fax: 0161 489 5701. More details to follow tomorrow lunchtime.

We’re relieved to hear Jane’s immediate deportation was suspended at the last minute, now pending judicial review.
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