Dealing And Wheeling In Small Arms

Small world cinema @ Sumac Centre on Feb 11th

Come to the first of the Small World Cinema events for the new year on Wednesday 11th February 2009. Gather for food and bar from 7pm; presentation and films from 7.30.

DEALING AND WHEELING IN SMALL ARMS is a political documentary on the uncontrolled widespread of small arms, which rule and ruin the lives of a growing number of people in developing countries.

Please see *Sumac/Veggies Events diary* for further details.

‘Full Circle’ goes international

'Full Circle' goes international'Full Circle' goes international
‘Full circle – from weapons to war to refugees’, the well-attended joint action of No Borders Nottingham with Shut Down Heckler & Koch in Nottingham’s Market Square has already inspired a cover story in the Brighton-based Schnews bulletin. Now it has been picked up by an anti-arms-trade organisation called the RüstungsInformationsBüro (RIB) who are based in the German city of Freiburg. The Full Circle diagram is being displayed in the RIB shop-front as a poster with title ?Tödlicher Kreislauf?, translated as ?Deadly Circle? (click on photos for full size images). The RIB asked if other peace movements and migrant support organisations can also use the Full Circle diagram. We said yes of course.

As part of his 2002 television series, comedian and activist Mark Thomas showed just how easy it is to get HK arms shipped to Zimbabwe during the supposed embargo, a grim example of the reality of Full Circle, since there are many refugees and asylum seekers from there who are seeking sanctuary in Nottingham but are under continual threat of removal. Zimbabwean protesters were amongst those who demonstrated in Nottingham Market Square, and a letter of thanks was also received from the Nottingham Zimbabwe Community Network who related the Full Circle protest to action taken by South African workers who had refused to offload a Chinese arms cache that was destined for Zimbabwe earlier this year.

'Full Circle' goes international
So, like the global arms industry, our opposition to their ‘making a living out of killing’ is transnational. The question is, whilst anti-H&K demonstrations continue outside offices and depot on Lenton Lane, listed online as NSAF Ltd – Nottingham Small Arms Factory/Facility, when will the city and local press (who seem to be under the thumb of the police by not reporting protests apart from this paltry effort) respond properly to Nottingham’s hosting of a death-dealing company like Heckler and Koch?
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FULL CIRCLE – from weapons to wars to refugees – Nottingham demo Sat 29th Nov

FULL CIRCLE - from weapons to wars to refugees - Nottingham demo Sat 29th Nov

FULL CIRCLE - from weapons to wars to refugees - Nottingham demo Sat 29th NovFULL CIRCLE - from weapons to wars to refugees - Nottingham demo Sat 29th NovShut Down H&K and No Borders Nottingham will be holding a demonstration to highlight the link between the arms trade and refugees. According to the UN Refugee Agency, ?armed conflict is now the driving force behind most refugee flows,? and the most devastating weapons are small arms such as rifles and machine guns. [Click on the world to see the familiar cycle].

FULL CIRCLE – from weapons to wars to refugees
JOIN THE DEMONSTRATION in Old Market Square, Nottingham on Saturday 29th November 2008, starts 12:30pm

Nottingham is home to one of the world?s largest small arms producers ? Heckler & Koch. The weapons produced by H&K and other G8 arms companies fuel conflicts in the Global South, forcing millions of people to flee their homes. Some of those refugees end up seeking asylum in Nottingham, where they face a struggle to avoid being deported.

Come and join us on Saturday November 29th at 12:30 on Old Market Square as we call for an end to exporting guns and deporting people. We will be holding a die-in to represent the consequences of H&K?s trade, and the horrors from which refugees have fled. Bring drums to make a joyful sound. Shut Down Heckler & Koch! Freedom of movement and the right to remain for all! No guns, no borders!!

Follow Notts Indymedia link to more demo promotion materials, and also for a full report and pictures.
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200 strong ‘Freedom of movement’ block on Stop the War march in Manchester, 20th September 2008

200 strong 'Freedom of movement' block on Stop the War march in Manchester, 20th September 2008No Borders activists and anarchists marched together as part of a ‘Freedom of movement’ block on the Stop the War Coalition march in Manchester on 20th September 2008. Police surveillance and harassment was considerable, as reported on Indymedia UK. Around 200, some from No Borders Nottingham, supported the block.
200 strong 'Freedom of movement' block on Stop the War march in Manchester, 20th September 2008
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‘Freedom of Movement’ bloc on Stop the War march – Manchester, Sept 20th

Across the world we see an unprecedented increase in border management and social control. The UK government are at the forefront of this and they are holding their annual party conference in Manchester, from 20th to 25th September 2008. The Stop the War Coalition have called for a march through Manchester on Saturday 20th September. Manchester No Borders and the Anarchist Federation (Manchester group) invite “all anti-authoritarians, anarchists and all those against states, nations and borders to join the ‘freedom of movement’ bloc, and to play a trick or two on those clowns in the Labour Party circus. Let’s collectively imagine a world without borders and wars and fight together to realise this!”
Demo starts 12.30am in All Saints Park, Cavendish Street, Manchester, M15 [Map]. The route will go up Oxford Road left before St. Peter´s Square and on towards Castlefield. To join the bloc, look out for the large ´freedom of movement´ banner.
On day before march, join ‘Roma Solidarity demo’ 11.30am on Friday 19th Sept at the Italian Consulate:
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